5 top attractions in Scandinavia

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Northern Europe and especially Sweden is an amazing travel destination. Tivoli Gardens – This amusement park is wonderful for both young and old. It was founded in 1843 and has come to gain much popularity. Walt Disney took much of his inspiration from these gardens to create Disneyland and the park is now referred to as the “Disneyland of Scandinavia”. The park offers rides, games, musicals, ballet, and major concerts. It is open winter through summer making this an excellent Scandinavian attraction.

Bornholm, Denmark – Scandinavia isn’t a place synonymous with beaches, but there are good ones where you can work on your tan and your swimming form (cold waters, be damned) on the tiny Baltic Sea island of Bornholm, just a 35-minute flight from Copenhagen. Known as Denmark’s sunniest locale, it’s a well-kept secret among Danes who come for the laid-back farm-to-table restaurants, picture-perfect fishing villages, and serene forest landscapes. Book a room at the minimal yet stylish Nordlandet hotel, a simple seaside inn whose jewel is an elegant Nordic dining room overlooking the sea, then set off to discover the island’s striking round churches, which date back to 1150. More info about article about traveling in vietnam

Gothenburg and the west coast, Sweden – In the space of a couple of decades, Sweden’s second biggest city has reinvented itself as one of Europe’s coolest city break destinations. It’s still a big industrial hub with a busy port at its heart, but the focus is increasingly on tourism. Why should you go? For the super-fresh seafood, for the locally brewed beer and laidback bars, and for the car-free islands that lie just offshore, where you can swim in cool, clear waters.

Another spectacular place to spend your holidays is the Lofoten Islands. This place is famous for its spectacular landscape, rocky coastline, traditional fishing villages and high-rising mountains. The archipelago is formed by several islands, located behind the polar circle, and it is famous for having the warmest climate beyond the Arctic Circle. The average temperature in January is -1,5 degrees of Celsius, and in the summer about 13. For lots of tourists, this place is an incredible discovery and a huge surprise.

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon – This magnificent lake is the perfect temperature to bathe in (39?C/102?F) and is surrounded by black lava fields covered in green moss.The warm seawater contains minerals and is great for treating the skin, especially those with Psoriasis. This spa is open all year round and has become Iceland’s most visited attraction.The lagoon does fill up fast so it is best to book weeks in advance. You can also upgrade your general admission to receive a mud mask and massage in the water while sipping on a boozy beverage from the inbuilt water bar. It truly is an enchanting experience. More details on european travel agency

National Museum of Denmark is the largest museum of culture and history in this country. This museum was formerly a royal family residence, which was built back in the 17th century, and the museum was founded here in 1807. If you want to learn some Danish history and get acquainted with the culture of this country, then you must visit this place without a doubt. The National Museum of Denmark also has a children’s museum and a variety of educational activities. Visiting this museum is completely free! Explore impressive animals in Givskud Zoo Park. Open since 1969, the park was originally named “The Lion Park” because these animals were the only ones in the Zoo. In 1970, Asian elephants were brought here, and today you can see more than 700 different animals that represent about 70 species. This zoo is one of the ten attractions that has been awarded 5 stars and has a total 325,000 visitors per year. In 2019, it is planned to open another part of the Givskud Zoo Park, named Zootopia, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

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